Miniatures for Piano Trio


Duration: 15 minutes

violin, cello, piano

Nos. 1,3,5 & 6 first performed by the Onslow Ensemble (Bernard Gregor-Smith, Susanne Stanzeleit, Yolande Wrigley) at St Elphin’s School, Matlock, 1 May 2004

Commissioned by 4strings88keys for Susanne Stanzeleit, Bernard Gregor-Smith and Yolande Wrigley, with funds provided by 4strings88keys and the RVW Trust.

Listen to 3 Miniatures for pianotrio by Alan Charlton performed by the Onslow Ensemble:




Programme Note

Studies for Piano Trio was written for Bernard Gregor-Smith, Susanne Stanzeleit and Yolande Wrigley and were first performed by them in St Elphin’s School, Matlock on 1 May 2004 in the opening concert of the chamber music course, 4strings88keys. Each study explores a single technique, texture or rhythmic idea. The opening study, Ouverture, is based on dotted rhythms and string double stopping. The second study, Night Music uses a distinctive 5/8 rhythm and exploits extreme registers of the piano and various string effects such as col legno, sul pont and pizzicato glissandi. The third study, Glissandi is based on muted string glissandi. Hocket, the fourth study, is a rapid exchange of single notes between the three instruments. Harmonics, the fifth study, combines a gentle natural string harmonics with a free, rising melody on the piano. In the final study, Symmetries, the strings play mirror images of each other’s music, while the piano’s music also has symmetrical characteristics.