Étude for Solo Horn


Duration: 7 minutes

Commissioned by Jeremy Bushell and first performed by him at on 20 October 2003 at BBC Scotland, Glasgow.

Listen to Étude for solo horn by Alan Charlton, performed live by Jeremy Bushell:

Programme Note

This is a study written with a low horn player in mind. Loosely modelled on the form of the Introduction and Allegro, the piece employs a range of horn playing techniques, including handstopping, flutter-tounging, double and triple-tounging, fingered trills and a brief muted passage. While it is not particularly high (the highest note is a written A flat), the piece does include extended passages in the lower registers. Frequent slurring and leaping between the lower and middle registers, rapid double tounging in the lower register, sudden sforzandi and good stamina and breath control place additional technical demands on the performer. Étude is dedicated to Jeremy Bushell, a horn player in the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, who gave its first performance in October 2003.